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Who We Serve

Businesses of all levels.  Our client breadth ranges from non-profits to high growth mid-cap companies to very large global corporations.

What We Do

Provide smart and sustainable business solutions to address strategic planning challenges, deliver process improvements and provide financial analysis needs as well as project management.

What Makes Us Different

  • Expert in strategic planning, business turnaround and delivering cost efficiencies
  • Proven track record in delivering bottom line results
  • Seasoned international finance executive astute at navigating strategic challenges

How We Do It

There are three easy steps:


Step 1:  Discuss your business and identify the key opportunities.

Step 2: Customize a work plan to address your needs.

Step 3:  Get to work and execute smart, sustainable business solutions!


Our Services Include:

Strategic Pla nning

- Financial Goal Setting
- Financial Reporting & Analysis
- Budgeting and Forecasting
- Project Management
- Risk Management
- Cash Flow Management
- New Business Development


Featured in The Decision to Start by Nancy G. Allen

November ​2021

Interviewed for Tip #3: Eliminate Self-Doubt: Tell Your "Gremlin" to Get Lost!

"My dream to own my own business came later in life... Well, I did retire at 50... I knew I had not completed my professional mission... It is a joy to do what you love, and it just makes this chapter of my life that much sweeter."


Buzz TV! Interview with Wendy Norfleet

October 2021

Hear more about PFSmith Consulting directly from the CEO, Pam Smith, where she talks about how we began, how we can support you, and how we take the confusion out of financials.

We'd love to work with you!

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